Client Feedback

Workshops and Seminars 

 Awesome session! The exercises were hands on and really did work very well.  Very soothing voice through the session and super quick tips that are "where-ever" exercises.  Definitely want to come to more sessions in the future!  ~Sofia L. 

 The session today with Charyl was over the top filled with useful techniques that I will apply! Soothing & invigorating feeling. Enjoyed & will join again on further session.  
Thank you Charyl!
~Cristina P. 

 Great and informative seminar!
~Kerry D. 

 I absolutely loved the seminar! I have been to multiple seminars & feel that I received great techniques.  I truly enjoyed it and will share the info.
~Isabella L. 

 This class was amazing and I really learned a lot from it today.  Charyl was excellent.  Thank you very much :) ~Debbie M.

Client Feedback 

 In the past 8 months since I started doing therapy with Charyl, my life has gone through tremendous changes. Never before had I thought that therapy of any kind was necessary for me, but after some traumatic relationship problems, I felt I needed more than just the support from my friends and family. Working with Charyl has been a game changer. Hypnosis has been an amazing way to reach into my subconscious and find answers. Not only have I tackled some hard problems, but I've also been given tools to be able to face challenges with peace and clarity in the future. I believe that therapy is supposed to be a kind of mirror to ones self and Charyl not only helps hold up that mirror, but also becomes an invested collaborator in the positive growth of her clients.


Working with Charyl is a wonderful and calming experience. With Charyl’s insightful expertise, along with her kindness and gentle approach she has guided me to uncover some of the blocks to my success and anxiety.  I finally finished my book which I have been working on for two years.  I now feel that I am moving forward to getting my book published so others can heal and learn, as I did when writing the book.  With Charyl's help and tools she has given me, I have the confidence in moving forward with publishing my book with a knowing that it can help others in their lives.  My anxiety has lifted and I am more at peace.

Charyl is doing what she is called to do and I admire that so much.  Her knowledge and expertise is immeasurable and I know in my heart, others will be as successful in achieving their goals and highest expectations.


Charyl has a vast knowledge for helping others with a variety of issues. She has always cared about every aspect of my life and me as a whole person rather than just focusing on certain issues. She is caring, compassionate and always professional. Charyl has changed my life for the better and her knowledge is invaluable to me! Until I met Charyl, I was skeptical because in the past, with other therapists, I had attempted to be hypnotized without success. With Charyl, her soothing voice and calm presence has helped me to experience successful hypnosis and past life experiences. Charyl's expertise and guidance have changed my life for the better!