Understanding Hypnosis & Regression Therapy

Hypnosis and regression therapy are misunderstood… 

and it's no mystery why. If you ask 50 hypnotists what hypnosis is, you'll get 50 different answers. If you ask those same hypnotists what regression therapy is, 5 of them will have an accurate idea. If hypnosis had been embraced by figures such as Carl Jung, Freud or Einstein, it would have been what talk therapy became. Instead, we had men like Mesmer, Anthony Robbins and Joe Costa—in other words—men with showmanship, messages and, sometimes, ulterior agendas. The truth is that these techniques possess tremendous potential for healing in a world that could really use them. 

 In these times, professionals are all too quick to prescribe medications with sometimes hazardous side effects and consequences, dismissing individual experience and failing to address the underlying root causes of clients’ problems. Our country is inundated and oversaturated with medication use and while medication can be a necessary component to an individual’s treatment, many issues are better and more healthfully resolved by alternative means. Amazing work has already been done in hypnosis and regression. These therapies are successfully utilized all over the world but misconception and confusion remain. It's time to start clearing it up.